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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
10:02 am
It's been a while...
It's been a while since I've posted, but here are some random thoughts on what's been going on on OLTL

The hostage/Giving up Tommy scenes were wonderfully acted by Kathy Brier and Chris Stack as well as Erika Slezak. I swear, everytime Vicki has something wrong with her heart, I have a hard time watching it because it feels so real. Anyway, yeah, awesome acting and someone needs to give Kathy an emmy now! Throughout the whole Tommy drama I always felt that he belonged with Marcie, but after the way Marcie acted with vicki, screaming and waving a gun around while her child was near, I felt for the first time that Tommy shouldn't be with Marcie. I really don't think he's better off with Todd either, but we knew Marcie couldn't keep Tommy forever and that he was going home with Todd. For me the character of Marcie is ruined in a way. I simply cannot forgive the fact that she wouldn't get vicki her medicine. It hurts to see Marcie act that way and it hurts to see Marcie tarnished like that. I can't feel sorry for her anymore.

So Lindsay really did fake being crazy. How interesting! The food fight at the palace between lindsay, Bo, Nora and Clint was the stuff soaps are made of

How much am I loving the Miles/Addie scenes? A lot, add jealous Roxy and it's a hoot. More of these three please.

I'm loving Langston/Cole and the scenes at the group therapy place were well acted.

Oh Jessica. FIrst off annoying thing. After Jessica found out that Vicki was taken hostage she got dressed and ran off to her grandpa's. What bothered me was that when she got there she had earrings on. Now,I don't know about others, but if my mother was in danger and I was in a rush to get to the rest of my family I wouldn't stop to put on earrings. I guess I could say this was part of her plan to pose as Tess, but that isn't flying for me. Speaking of Tess, I knew that Jessica was going to end up at St. Anne's but I had no idea how, so seeing Jared set her up and then Nash putting her there was great drama. This is my first time seeing Alison and I can't wait to see what secret she has.

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
8:44 am
From Blah to Brilliant in one episode
Just when I thought that OLTL was starting it’s way back into mediocrity again, giving more time to characters that are stuck in boring storylines(Layla,Sarah,Thalia) or are just boring themselves (Christian,Antonio)there came the glory of Friday’s episode which seemed to hold what is in store for OLTL’s future…and it looks bright.

Monday-I loved Starr and Langston fighting and hope to see more of it in the future. Langston looked happy for Cole/Starr when Cole came back, but I wonder how long the show is going to go before Starr/Langston are at odds over Cole. Miles talk with Cole was well played by both BB and DC. How can we forget about Evangeline if she won’t leave? I mean, ok she’s left Llanview, but there’s always constant mention of her. Now I liked Evangeline and thought RG was a brilliant actress (I was a big Tangeline fan) but unless the character is coming back to the show, they need to stop talking about her. I think it’s giving fans false hope. Of course I don’t really read spoilers anymore so maybe she is coming back. Rex/Dorian are awesome in scenes together. Their “hug” on Monday cracked me up, and oh I wanted to choke Dorian when she cut Rex’s picture, she’s driving adrianna away. Will she ever learn? Was Monday’s show the alcohol show? Everyone seemed not just to be drinking, but getting drunk. Does every soap character drink when they are depressed? Isn’t there another way to show people dealing with their problems? At least Sarah was watchable for a whole day again because she was so funny being drunk.

Tuesday-I can’t help it. I laughed so hard at how Marcie…uh SallyAnn…became a fan girl when she was talking about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to Shane. She said the word “like” so many times, should she be a English Teacher? (Just kidding) I did love seeing her encourage Shane to read. I hope that in time Shane becomes a friend for Matthew because Matthew needs an onscreen friend who isn’t Jared or Nigel or Cole. Starr seems to have forgotten he exists, and Jack is too young. Shane is perfect to be Matthew’s friend. The scene I’ve enjoyed NuMichael the most in the scenes CS had with JPL in the jail cell. Being A huge Jolie fan, I was thrilled to see that John/Natalie could be friends after their one together and see it for what it was. I see Jolie as sort of a Todd/Blair kind of couple. Two people who butt heads and maybe shouldn’t be together, but somehow you want them to be with each other. John’s facial expressions when Natalie told him about Jared was priceless.

Wednesday-Did Adrianna really call Rex her lumberjack of love? Oh no I can just see it. Forget about those dumb reality shows “Flavor of love” and “Rock of love” now it’s going to be “lumberjack of love” HaHa! You can’t blame Adrianna for being bummed that Rex might not spend Christmas with her, but Rex was completely right about not letting her go because of the danger factor. I don’t think this couple, who used to be really exciting, is going to last too much longer. So much attention is being put on that stupid watch she wants to get Rex. I wonder if it will be her last gift to him. Charlie and Vicki’s scenes were good as he sobered up, and I just had to say “Awwww” when Charlie didn’t want to count their meal at the diner a date because he didn’t want to discredit their other dates. For me, Vicki and Charlie, with their drive in dates, really is a throwback to classic romances. Talia is the most awkward female character, but I like that about her because she stands out. I just wish she wasn’t stuck in a boring storyline since forever. I didn’t recognize Lee when he walked in without his usual coat and everything. Thumbs way down to the pie baking contest. First of all was the show going for bad acting when they chose the actor who played the judge? It was hard to watch those scenes. The montage was bad, at least the food fight was a little amusing, and of course the perfect way that Vicki wouldn’t be able to see Marcie. Noelle has gotten on my nerves and I don’t see her or Mo becoming permanent characters.

Thursday-Can someone explain to me why Matthew asked Bo about Lindsay shooting Spencer? Did I forget something or miss something somewhere because Spencer was stabbed, not shot. What??? Todd may be Todd but it was thoughtful of him to leave a gift for Cole from Santa. He does have feelings. I’m bummed that Nora is Cole’s guardian because Cole is much closer to John, and I feel that would have made a better storyline, but oh well. Nothing I can do about that.

Friday-First off Rex/Gigi. I love them together and the fact that they already have a whole history together. There is a lot of potential with these two, and I really hope Rex is Shane’s father. I’m so excited to see where this goes. Poor Matthew kept putting his foot in his mouth with Cole and with Nora when he talked about Lindsay. Oh Matthew, you should have been smarter than to talk about Lindsay with your mom. Is tess coming back? I think so. I think Jess wants to call Tess out to mess with Jared and she’s going to stay out. There has to be a reason why Bree’s new promo looks like Tess. Though I now like both Tess and Jess, Jess has become boring as of late and I’d be happy to see Tess back. Best of all was Dorian’s holiday celebration. Ok never mind what Langston was wearing (I thought both outfits rocked) what was going on with Blair’s outfit. Are M C Hammerish pants coming back in style? I haven’t seen a good cat fight like this since I don’t know when So I loved seeing Blair/Adrianna going at it and Adrianna not backing down. MG and KD were awesome. Yes, Langston welcome to the family. And what is going on with Addie? Look, I know there are still characters and storylines on this show that I find boring, but if the show is picking the pace back up with it’s good storylines and characters than I think 2008 is going to be a great year.
Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
9:44 am
Mixed Bag
Love on the Roxy-It’s great to see Ilene K. get a story, and a love interest, but I’m still not sure how I feel about Miles and her. I LOVED Roxy and Nigel and Roxy/David are certainly a hoot together, but I just don’t feel chemistry which is so important and it feels like the writers are just shoving them together…I mean Roxy wasn’t doing community service work until now. I do adore the way that Roxy and Natalie have been there for Miles, probably the only two people in Llanview who truly like the guy. In all honesty I’d much rather see Natalie/Miles together than Roxy and miles. Just my opinion

Goodbye David, Goodbye a piece of my heart-I guess I should be getting used to David and his goodbyes, but every time Tuc leaves the show, I am almost certain that a part of my heart vanishes. Loved the phone call with Vicki, and his goodbye scenes with Dorian. I actually wasn’t all that shocked to find out that David was so excited about winning 1.00 on the scratch ticket Vicki gave him. David is slowly trying to change, and it does have a lot to do with vicki and what she means to David. I cheered a bit when David stuck it to Todd and was proud when David told Dorian that she didn’t really want him. David is getting smarter and wiser. For all we know david is going to gamble that dollar and win big bucks, or he may actually go out and really try to find himself like Vicki has at the diner and take a small job. Perhaps he’ll invest that dollar in something. Who knows. David is a wild card, and I can’t wait David comes back into the picture.

Bojour Liquor- I really am shocked that the writers had Charlie fall off the wagon as soon as they did. I really felt for Charlie and was hoping that after the one awful night after Jared shunned him that he would be ok. But it looks like Charlie is in for some rocky times ahead, and while I am saddened for the character, I am thrilled because Brian Kerwin is doing an amazing job, especially when Charlie came to the diner drunk. can’t wait to see more of Charlie (Why is he the only character I don’t recall seeing in the new openings?) and what Brian does with this role.

Waitress Wanted-So Sallyann comes out of hiding and gets a new wig. All I can say is “Thank God” because I loathed that other wig with every fiber of my being. Oh and the glasses came back. I still really can’t believe that Marcie took that job. Yes, I understand she needs money but to take a job at the diner where Todd and Blair were spotted? Sure she thinks that Todd/Blair are off her trail, I suppose, but she still has to be careful, and she should have taken a job someplace else. Wonder what is going to happen when Vicki gets back? I wonder if Vicki is finally going to be the one to make Marcie come back to Llanview.

Dead in the water-Why is John Mcbain always in the water on the docks? Anyway, John may dislike Miles, but he saved him, mostly because if Miles died Cole would feel destroyed. Plus I’m not really sure that John would have just let Miles die anyway, John thought that death was even too easy of a way out for spencer. I loved when Roxy slapped John. Showed how much she loves Miles. Nice to see some John/Natalie moments and wonder if they are going to revisit their relationship again.

Let the Feud Begin-I am loving the tension that is going on between Langston/Starr and I hope it continues. Starr is being pretty darn selfish with the cole situation. Yes, I understand she loves him and doesn’t want him to go to jail, but this isn’t all about what she wants. It’s in reality down to Cole and what he wants to do. Even though I was annoyed with Starr, I felt that it felt true to her character and I have a feeling that fiesty starr manning is coming back. Starr told Cole never to admit anything to the cops, or something like that, I guess that’s what you get when Todd Manning brings you up. Question. Why does Starr have a record? Is it from when she ran away to NYC?? Even though I adore Cole/Starr as a couple, as I think BB and KA have wonderful chemistry, I am loving the bonding between Cole/Langston. I’m not sure if there is as much chemistry there yet as there is between BB/KA but it could work. Though Langston didn’t shoot her parents, she does understand better than anyone what he is going through. Langston was comforting Cole, and Cole comforted Langston when she heard the real estate woman talking about her house. I think Starr totally would have flipped out if she had opened the door and saw Langston/Cole hugging. Even if she didn’t flip out then, she would have eventually gone off on Langston like she did on Friday’s episode which was way out of line, but that was the old Starr manning. Once again Brandon Buddy is wowing me as he hashed out his feelings to Langston at her old house. (Uh, why didn’t someone take Langston’s key back??) Sometimes actors just can’t get real tears to happen, but Brandon has proved that he can, and in time he could be one of the strongest actors on the show. I truly hope he stays with OLTL for a very long time.

Odds and Ends

-I did enjoy Vicki/Dorian and their catty moments that were hidden behind civilized conversation. But I still want Vicki back in Texas

-Can Todd please make up his mind about whether he wants Tommy or not? I was moved when Todd was ordering an arrangement for Marty.

-Why on earth would Adrianna go to Dorian for advice on Rex’s Christmas present? She should have gone to Layla

-Woah! UV. When was the last time we saw that place? Why doesn’t Natalie and Rex’s Friends ever go to his club anymore?

-Is it just me or did Bree Williamson’s new promo thingy look more like she was playing Tess than Jess? I wonder if there is going to be more of Tess coming out in Jess in the future.
Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
9:39 am
Steady As She Goes
OLTL these days has really been steadily good, and while I’ve always enjoyed this show, I can say that for the first time ever I am not FF anything and I’m enjoying what I am seeing, even in characters who I previously would have skipped over

The New New Michael Mcbain-I have to say that CS is doing well in the role of Michael, though it is hard for me to watch his scenes and not imagine what Nathanial would have done with them. In a way I’ve always felt that Michael Mcbain was brought on the show to keep Nathanial around, without him playing the role it doesn’t feel quite right, but I’m warming up to the new actor.

Give her the Emmy Already-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Kathy Brier (a long with Bree Williamson and Erika Slezak) Are the best actresses on OLTL. Kathy blew me away with her scenes where Marcie called Michael on the phone begging for help and in the wonderful scenes with David

David Vickers Babysitter-Wouldn’t it be hysterical to see David/John babysit together? Just a thought. They are both hysterical with kids…anyway, You want to hate David for trying to get money out of Marcie, but how can you hate David? He was great with Tommy, and it was sad when we saw david talking to the kid about how family will betray you or leave you. It’s rare we get to see a vulnerable side to David, and when we do see it, it is a treasure. It was very important that in that scene in particular we saw what David believes and why because it explained his actions. Vicki and David are so a match made in heaven. When they are on screen, they are unbeatable. Would Vicki ever be into David? I don’t know, but I’d sure love to see that happen. David/Dorian may be more alike, but it’s the differences between Vicki and David that make them so interesting to watch. Could anyone but Vicki in her own way manage to get David not to turn Marcie in and not to collect a million dollars? All she had to say was that one day he would make her proud, and he does the right thing. I’m almost convinced that Vicki could have even stopped David from ruining his wedding with Dorian. That’s how much influence she has over him. Vicki doesn’t have to pester him to do what’s right, he truly cares about her and does want to make her proud, and there is a person under David that isn’t just about Money. I’m not saying I want David to go soft, I just like his friendship with Vicki. I hope that scratch ticket wins him big money-oh and the reference back to the apron scene. One of the best scenes ever!

Well I’ll be my girlfriend’s uncle-Jared, Jared, Jared. Jared Banks in some ways reminds me much of David, in the sense that they both didn’t have the best of childhoods and do whatever it takes to become successful. The difference for me is that while I enjoy watching David scheme, it’s not that way for me with Jared so much. He can’t care about Natalie that much if he’s going through with pretending to be Asa’s son.

The Woes of Charlie-Brian Kerwin is hitting it out of the park as Charlie, especially last week. The scenes where Charlie met up with Jared were just fantastic. Jared is clearly hurt and wounded by what Charlie did to his family and in some ways I can’t blame him for not wanting his dad to be part of his life, and I was like “Good for you Jared” But I couldn’t help but feel so bad for Charlie. Even if he did fall off the wagon, at least for a little bit, he is trying to change and deep down he is a good man and is sorry for what he was like in the past. It takes a lot for me to say that a scene is truly haunting, the last scene like that was probably Todd getting executed and all his memories floating through his past. I have to say that seeing Charlie sitting in the bar, the audience wondering if he was going to get a drink, truly, truly captivated me and haunted me. Nothing had to be said and I felt what Charlie was feeling.

The seesaw that is Todd Manning-It’s wonderful to see Todd being written much better as of late, with much more depth. Not just this cardboard cutout of a man who is screaming and yelling all the time. Todd has always felt bad about raping Marty, so much so that he could never (from what I saw) tell her that he was sorry. It was moving to not only see Todd express his feelings about Marty dying and how he felt horrible that she spent his last moments with him (Well actually it was John, but still) and how he still was a jerk to Marty. It was also extremely interesting to see Todd feel that the Mcbain’s should keep Tommy, realizing their side of how they feel and why anyone would want to hand their son over to him. I wonder if he is going to continue to feel this way and let Marcie and Michael keep Tommy, would be an interesting turn of events.

RIP MARTY?I figured Marty was going to die, but I didn’t expect an explosion. That was something! I don’t believe for a second that she is really dead (No body=Not dead) but I’m loving the drama this causing for so many of the characters like Todd,Miles, and Cole. First let’s talk about Miles. Miles certainly was wrong in what he did with blackmailing Marty into marrying him, but still, besides his misguided actions, I do truly believe that he loved Marty, and seeing him finding out the news of her death and finding comfort in Natalie was so moving. David C. was great. I was sad and actually screamed when Miles got shot. I love Miles and I don’t believe he will die and I think this will set up a great story for Miles.

How great was it to see Langston connect with Cole? She is the only person he is close to that knows what it feels like to lose both parents and it was very touching.

Line of the week-”The friend of my friend is probably my friend too” (Of course a David Line)

Actor of the week-Brandon Buddy. Brandon has grown as an actor by leaps and bounds and this past week he just blew me away, going through all of his emotions from seeing his mother die, to having to tell what happened to his friends, and then finding out what Lee did and the anger he felt when holding that gun. I loved the way that Brandon took his time to say his lines as he spoke of what had happened to his mother to his friends. It felt real. The Best moment of the whole week was Cole arriving at Dorian’s and seeing Starr and crying that his mother was dead. Simply Brandon’s finest acting scene thus far. I am thrilled to see him in a great, deep story, and seeing what he is made of.
Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
1:20 am
Two Deaths and One Bittersweet Goodbye
So where do I begin?? Grr...how about the legit sadness that was Nathaniel Martson's last day on OLTL. OMG! He blew me away...what a bittersweet way to leave the show. His scenes with Trevor(Todd) were so intense, and gutwrenchingly heartbreaking to watch. It made me realize even more how much I'm gonna miss the guy. I was like practically yelling at the tv screen for him to stay! Oh Nathaniel, I wish you all the best buddy! You will indeed me missed on the show. *sigh*

That being said...I really wanted to dislike his replacement, Chris Stark, but when I saw him in yesterday's episode, I could not bring myself to hate the guy. Sure, it might take awhile to get use to him as Michael, but from what I've seen he's not that bad for the most part acting wise. And is it just me or does he kinda look like a young Nathan Fillion? Maybe that's why I've already liked him, who know?;)

And GH, GH, GH, where do I begin..ok, I will just discuss the one major thing that happened, and that is the damn PC strangler KILLING poor Emily! Yes folks, Emily Bowen Quartermaine has died. Killed off my Guza...eh, I mean the mysterious killer that is targeting the women of Port Charles. BUT..there is a somewhat brightside..Natalia Livingston(Emily) isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, I'm hearing she's staying on GH through May! Even though her character is most definitely dead. But the thing is Guza has me intrigued by what he said about 'the wonderful and most interesting'(ok that wasn't his exact words, but it was basically what he meant) story that they're about to embark on. According to him, yes Em is dead, but NO she isn't a ghost, and neither is she a figment of Nikolas' imagination or his conscience. So what the heck is she??? I have no idea...An angel perhaps, like my beloved PC angels? I dunno..but she very well could be, who knows? Right now, Nikolas is the only one that can see her and feel her. But all in all, I am definitely excited for this new, and hopefully surprisingly innovative storyline that Guza seems excited about. Heck, he's even got me excited, and this from someone, who's become sort of stoic when it comes to GH lately. But I'm very interested to see how they're gonna twist this and explain what the heck's going on. But I gotta tell you I am absolutely loving Dead Emily...Aww...the look on the face when she found out that she was dead, so crushingly heartbreaking, I really felt sorry for her. GH, why do you insist on killing off my Quartermaines? Seriously, that family's so dwindling down now, it's a shame:(. On a side note though, it was great having Dillon and Ned back for Emily's funeral. I missed those two, especially Dillon. But I'll be seeing him in town again soon enough, because of the other major character that is gonna be killed off in a few weeks time. I'm not gonna say who she is, because I'm not sure if anyone wants to be spoiled, but I am VERY, VERY UPSET by this character's upcoming demise. Especially since she had so much potential for a wonderful new romance, with a certain, young eligible bachelor. So yeah, expect major sadness, and a few more faces off the past to show up when the PC strangler strikes again. *sigh* P.S. I have a very strong feeling I know who it is and I am NOT amused.

So in conclusion, I'd like to say DEAD EMILY rocks, and I wish that the other character that's gonna be killed off could stick around as well, but alas she won't. DEAD EMILY(haha, why am I continiously typing her name in caps?) is the only dead person that will be walking around Port Charles ( well except for the vampires and the angels that you know are still out there in town somewhere.;) ). *tears*

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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
2:38 pm
Come Together

Yet another week of steadily good episodes on OLTL and I love the way that everything seems to be coming together, blending the Texas Crew with the citizens of Llanview.


I can actually say that I was ok with the Antionio/Thalia and Christian/Sarah scenes this week. That’s probably because their storylines actually were going somewhere. I really don’t feel Christian/Sarah have any chemistry (Actually I’ve never seen Christian really have chemistry with any other female character, but that’s something else all together) I was just happy that all the dancing around was finally put to rest with the kiss. Same with Antonio and Thalia. There is chemistry there and even though the dancing scenes at the diner felt forced by the writers, it was still cute. What made their scenes stand out more than Christian and Sarah’s was that I think Kamar and Beth are better actors (JMO) and I really could feel for their characters.


How wonderful were the Charlie/Dorian scenes when he was attending to her injury? They certainly had chemistry as well and I knew that Charlie was going to end up in Llanview at some point, but the fact that Dorian has made friends with him and brought him to Llanview was genius. What a blast it’s going to be when Dorian realizes Charlie has been seeing Vicki, and Vicki finds out that Charlie is friends with Dorian. I still don’t know how the other folks in Paris Texas are going to find their way to Llanview but I trust that the transition is going to work. Personally I think Dorian/Charlie should get together as well as Vicki/David. That’s all I’m saying. I was always pretty convinced that Charlie was Jared’s dad, even when he showed up at Nash’s door, so I’m glad to see that my prediction is correct and I bet this is going to put a crimp in Jared’s plans to pretend to be Asa’s son.


In one way I feel like the kidnapping story is going to be over soon, and then I think about it some more and I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. Christina Chambers and Brandon Buddy have been just excellent this past week. Wow! Cole must have thrown that apple pretty hard for it to shatter like that. Loved it. Can anyone blame Cole for saying he hated Ireland? Wouldn’t you hate any place if you were kidnapped and forced inside a tiny room and then a van? It’s not like the terrorists are out there giving him a tour of Ireland. That’s why I had to laugh when Marty responded by saying that Patrick would hate to hear Cole talk like that. Come on Marty! Cole isn’t saying he hates Ireland, he just hates what’s going on there. Simon killed Patrick! I’m sooooo shocked….yeah right. I knew he couldn’t be trusted ever since Marty told John about him.

It’s nice to see the softer side of Todd come out by helping Starr trying to find Cole, he realizes now that even though he may not like Cole, Starr does and he wants to make her happy and help her in any way he can. I think because Tommy is missing he can also relate better to what Starr is going through.

Finally I am enjoying Ramsey! He and John together are pure gold, just for the fact that they are both a little bit like each other and don’t play by the rules. I had to chuckle at John getting that chip by using a plastic knife. I can’t even cut meat with a plastic knife and he cut through a book?lol. What a cliffhanger!!!! I’m kind of hoping now that Marty gets killed and that Cole goes to live with John. First it would be great because Ramsey feels John killed the woman he loved and now if Marty died, John would feel the same way about Ramsey. Also, I’ve always really enjoyed the cole/john scenes and I think john taking cole in would make for a great storyline.


Wow! Does Tuc Watkins know how to liven up a show or what? I adore him and Vicki, he can learn so much about life through her, and I’m almost hoping that he will take the busboy job at the diner, but I guess now he’s counting on getting that million dollar reward for finding Marcie. David has a lot of respect for Vicki, in fact, I’d go as much to say that he respects her more than anyone. I loved the way he thought she was Nikki and was trying to take care of Vicki and bring her back.”Truck stop hooker waitress” haha. Vicki respects David as well and can I just say that I got such a kick out of Gigi seeing David half dressed in Vicki’s room. Maybe a little Gigi/David thing could happen. I thought Tuc and Farah were wonderful together in their scenes. More, More, More.


Nathanial Marston’s last scenes almost had me in tears. He was wonderful on his last day, but this was not how I wanted to remember the last Michael scenes played by Nathanial. Having Todd in his face and calling him a loser and how he had no job…It was painful to watch, know that Nathanial doesn’t have a job on OLTL anymore, and then just to see him there sobbing? I think any tears that I would have cried would have been for Nathanial and not so much Michael. It was a tough way to see this version of Michael go out.

Best line of the week-”There’s a snake in my hair?” Oh it feels so good to be able to laugh at OLTL again…and I had to laugh at how much hair Jared actually pulled out. That was way too large of a clump

Gross out moment of the week-Why did Nora have to put the visual in my head about clint in a thong? Ewwww!
Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
9:51 am
The Thanksgiving Meal That Was OLTL
The Turkey

The main storyline for me was the wonderful farce that took place on Asa’s…I mean Chuck’s Ranch. I don’t blame Dorian for being mad at Clint, but she was asking for trouble when she slept with David. It’s typical Dorian behavior, but really, did she think nothing bad could come of what she had done? We all know David enjoyed comforting Dorian who he will always love, but Dorian was the one who begged for David to make her feel better. I pretty much wanted to shoot Clint with that shotgun when he held it at David. Clint feels Dorian didn’t act mature by what she had done, but what is so mature about pointing a gun at someone? I don’t think he would have truly shot David, but not the most mature move. Plus I loved the side plot of Nigel keeping Alex hidden and Jared hearing that David is really Asa’s son. Jared really is the next Asa.

The Side Dishes

All the near misses at the motel in Paris Texas was great to watch, even if it’s highly unlikely that Charlie, Vicki, Marcie, and Todd and Blair all would have ended up with rooms in the same hallway. I enjoyed the way all of those individual storylines were crossing paths. Charlie and Vicki continue to be a pleasure, I so want to see Vicki on those roller skates, and the thanksgiving meal at the diner was very touching.

Gigi was put into a tough situation and it says a lot about her character that she turned down a million dollars to protect Marcie, who she knew had lied to her and didn’t know the full story about who she really was. For anyone to turn down a million dollars would be a big deal, but for Gigi it was an extremely big deal. I’m happy that Marcie has finally found a person that she can confide in about what she is going through, someone who I think is going to be there for her in the future. My one complaint is that were we really supposed to believe that Marcie couldn’t recognize the back of Todd and Blair? Ok, so maybe she wouldn’t expect them to be at the diner, but still, her guard has always been up and for her to be staring right at Blair and Todd and be so totally clueless was just too much for me to believe. Marcie is smarter than that.

The Leftovers

I guess it makes sense for the Vega’s to use the diner for their dinner, but way to go Carlotta for leaving Starr at home. Couldn’t they have all just had dinner at Dorian’s place? Dorian does like that family. And what about Langston? How did she spend her Thanksgiving? The diner scenes were boring except for the fact that Rj/Antonio seemed to be over whatever drama they had been going through

Oh Rex! “Let’s deep fry a turkey on the fire escape of the building” Brilliant idea. This was pretty much a gathering for characters who have nothing going on right now. At this point I’m losing interest in Layla and Adrianna, two characters that I do enjoy. I’ve never really cared for Vincent so my feelings about him are the same. Somebody needs to give Rex,Roxy and Miles more to do. Michael being there was the only good part of the scenes. At the end when he broke down when Marcie called, I was deeply moved and NM did a wonderful job!

Scene of the Week

My favorite scene of the week was Dorian telling David about Clint and Nora and David thinking she was talking about an actual dog. I haven’t laughed that hard over OLTL since I don’t know when. Just Brilliant writing and brilliant acting.
9:26 am
More Wrongs Than Right on AMC
LMAO, okay I was talking with Rachel yesterday about THE MOST OVERPLAYED SONG IN DAYTIME HISTORY.."Apologies" by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and wouldn't ya know it, later while I was watching AMC, it played yet again?! HA! Oh AMC, you slay me,lol!

Speaking of AMC, a few thoughts:

Richie needs to die, and take that douchebag Zach with him. Greenlee needs to claw her way out of that bomb shelter though, even if she has to trample over Zach's dead carcass to do so, haha! Sorry but Zach has been on my crap list since he and Kendall put their revenge plan in motion against Greenlee.

Oh Ava, why do you continue to annoy me? Seriously anytime this girl is on, I instantly get bored and annoyed. Ava needs to be trapped forever in that bomb shelter, not Greens!

Janet from Another Planet's back and seems to be as crazy as ever! Geez, I thought mental institutions were supposed to help people? Apparantly the one that Janet's in, didn't get the memo.

Colby, Sean, Dre and that other guy, seems to be taking up unwanted airtime on AMC. Go away guys! Seriously. And AMC don't attempt to do another teen storyline, until you figure out a way to do it right,k? thks!

And that's all I can think to say for now. Got to get a move on to class and stuff, but I have so much to rant about GH, but I'll have to save that for another day,lol.

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
9:39 am
llanview what?
As the weeks go by it becomes clearer that you are nobody important unless you are in Texas, because for the most part that is where all the hot storylines are taking place.

Sure, there are some characters left in Llanview, some who continue to have a great scenes like the teen set, or at least Michael and John and Bo who are part of ongoing storylines. For the rest of the characters, well they are either not on screen (Layla? Vincent?) or really don’t have anything worthwhile going on (Miles, Roxy, Rex, Adrianna)

Names that end in that “e” sound

After the mostly boring week long scenes involving Marcie in Louisiana I was so happy to see Marcie finally land in Paris, Texas and become friends with Gigi. Let’s face it, it’s about time that Marcie had a new girlfriend, something she really hasn’t had since Jen died and I don’t count Lindsay because she is more of a mother figure to her and Roxy, well I don’t count her either. Adrianna does care about Marcie and she stuck her neck out for her, but does Marcie and Adrianna ever hang out? No. Gigi and Marcie I see becoming very good friends. Just what is with the names Marcie is going around as. Penny? Sally? And then Tommy is Billy. Can we get another different sounding name for her?

Bonjour Llanview

Charlie/Vicki-I am enjoying these two more than I ever thought I would. Their drive in movie date where they made up the dialogue was so sweet. And gee, I’m going to say that Charlie is Jared’s dad, and I think that would be awesome, how much is the gang going to hate that Vicki is involved with Jared’s dad?

Noelle/Moe-What are they copying the movie “waitress” here with Noelle and her pie baking contest with Moe? I actually found it surprising that they seemed to be giving Noelle and little bit of her own storyline, but I hope to see more of it. Can we get Nathan Fillion back on as Joey (since he was in Waitress) and have him hook up with Noelle??? Maybe Keri Russell could be the pie baking judge….lol

When worlds collide-Hands down the best scenes of the week were Alex (Who I am now enjoying) Dorian and David ending up at the diner. I was in hysterics watching Vicki hide out and of course the moment of the whole week was Dorian bonding with Moe. Um, maybe she should hire him as her cook back home? I love the dynamic between alex/david/dorian. It’s not really a triangle since Alex doesn’t love David and David doesn’t love Alex, but I feel maybe a Dorian/David thing could eventually happen again. I’m glad Dorian knows the truth about the marriage.

You get nothing

How great was Asa and what he left financially for everyone in the will? This is going to be awesome, trying to see everyone work together. Fun times ahead.

Marty needs help

Now I am loving the kidnapping case, mostly what this is doing to Starr, and I was quite surprised to see Cole join Marty so soon. I’m totally thinking Patrick is indeed alive and wouldn’t it be awesome if T.K came back on the show? I know I loved him as Ian on PC so bring back the poetry? Oh yeah and bring back his real life wife Susan to play Marty again. Marty does need help, and boy, John loves nothing more than trying to save a girl in trouble, but I had to crack up about Marty’s reasoning about them being in Ireland. When she woke up she was in that tiny little room and so she assumes she is in Ireland? I don’t even know if that is true at this point. She had horrible reasoning there. I thought she was in the storage room where Spencer was keeping Margaret.

Random Moment-So glad that Dorian FINALLY told Adrianna about Langston. It’s about darn time. Now I’d like to see Adrianna and Langston bond a little bit.

I just want to end this week by saying that I am truly going to Miss N. Marston as Michael Mcbain. He was a great actor and I am really sad that the show has decided to recast the character because I just don’t think it’s going to work. Sure, sometimes recasts of popular characters/actors can work out well (Trevor, Bree) but I’m having doubts about the new Michael. I’m also not entirely good with recasts. P.C by the time I started watching it didn’t really have any recasts except for little Christina, and by the time I started watching OLTL Trevor and Bree were already in the cast. I do wish the new actor the best, but he’s got a lot of hardcore fans to win over.

I wish Nathanial all the best in every sense. It’s a shame what has happened. I have been to the OLTL fan event twice and while everyone I have met has been super nice and funny, Nathanial always clicked with me the most. The first time I went and got up to his table he had to leave, but instead of just walking out and leaving the fans in line disappointed, he stopped to take the time to take a picture with everyone who was waiting to meet him. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. That meant a lot to me. The 2nd year I met him I spoke about my anxiety problems and how with each time I came to the event, I was doing better anxious wise, and I thanked him for being part of the event because the event pushes me to face my fears. He was so incredibly sweet, maybe perhaps because he struggles with demons of his own, and he wrote me the sweetest message and hoped to see me there every year so that I could continue to get better. I can’t tell you how much his words meant to me. I, a long with many other fans are going to feel an empty space on OLTL.
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
2:17 pm
This and That
Okay so since my VCR has been on the fritz lately, it seems that I'll be missing my beloved soaps whenever I'm not home..well AMC and OLTL at least. Thank God for that poster over on YouTube who dutifully posts episodes of GH each day. So I'll be able to keep up with that. Seriously, I've only missed like 1 day of AMC and OLTL so far, and I'm already going through withdrawals and missing Pine Valley and Llanview like crazy. Haha, pathetic I know. But anyway, today I didn't have anywhere in particular to go so I stayed home and watched AMC(and I'm actually watching OLTL as I type this), and I have a few new thoughts on Pine Valley.

1. Why the heck does AMC insist on killing us with that "Apologies" song? Not that it's a bad song, but why are they using every chance they can get to us it? Seriously, they're really overdoing it there..

2. I love Babe and Richie. Sure Richie may be somewhat skeevy, but him and Babe definitely have something good that can be build on, in my opinion. Plus it doesn't hurt that Richie's a total cutie.;) It killed me though seeing Lily waiting at the diner for Richie to show up for their coffee date, and realising she's been stood up. Awww..Lily:(.

3. Um, Tad needs to STFU, and let Krystal and Adam be. Yeah, yeah I know he has legitimate reason to hate on Adam, but like I said before, these two needs to get back together like yesterday!

4. So glad now that I missed AMC yesterday, since I read that JR, Ava and Hannah were on. Haha.

5. And I'm glad I missed the fight between Kendall and Zach as well. Don't think that I could have taken that. Although I agree with the reasons for Kendall blaming Zach for their current situation with Greenlee.

6. And I'm bummed that Greenlee and Aidan were not on today, since most likely I will be missing the show tomorrow because of class. And judging from the previews they will be on tomorrow. le sigh.

And one brief OLTL note..well two..

I am so majorly bummed that OLTL has let go Nathaniel Marston(Michael). Sure I understand their reason, but he's been a vital part of the OLTL family for some years now, and it's a sad, sad thing when a show loses such a great actor. I was always such a fan of Nathaniel's and still am. And I know he has issues to work through in his personal life, but I am beyond sad that he would no longer be on the show.

And on a bright note, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Farrah Fath is now on the show. Such an amazing, funny actress, and her character Gigi has already grown on me. And I'm loving this whole Paris, Texas storyline on the whole. So hilarious seeing Viki running around being a waitress and going on dates. And seeing her trying to hide from Dorian, David and Alex today was beyond hysterical. LOL! OLTL definitely has improved a million times over from the mess it was just a year ago. You go Ron Carvalati! Continue to deliver the Llanview we love!

P.S. I just got done seeing Dorian and Mo bonding over food. And OMG, LMAO, funniest thing ever! Oh Dorian, how I love you so..

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
4:27 pm
It’s amazing how in one week everything can change. I liked storylines that I hated the week before and hated storylines that I loved the week before.


I was so looking forward to the return (however long it might be) of David Vickers, but except for Friday’s episode I was not enjoying the David/Alex scenes. It has nothing to do with the storyline which I think is quite fun, Alex conning David, and David thinking he is conning Alex. What turned me off of the scenes last week was the actress who is playing Alex. I just found her extremely annoying, and not believable at all. I understand that Alex is supposed to be fabricating this story of how she is so rich but she’s not even acting believable. Ok, now remember when David was working with John to catch the forger and he did his whole “bad acting” thing, which he thought was great? That was Tuc purposely acting badly. I feel like the actress who plays Alex is just plain acting bad. I don’t know much about the character but I assume she’s popular for her to be brought back to the canvas. I don’t know, I keep seeing Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe, Port Charles) in the role and I think she would be amazing playing Alex. Anyway Friday’s episode with the wedding was fun, best part was both David and Alex thinking about who would oppose to the wedding and Alex is rattling off all these names and David just keeps repeating “Dorian”. The way the camera was going back and forth to the two of the them added to the comedy of the scene.


The only consistently good part about the “Texas” scenes so far as been the interaction between Nora and Clint. I can really see these two characters romantically together and it’s about time Nora found herself a good guy who cares about her and is not a killer. Natalie was making the whole trip making me wish she had never gone because instead of enjoying the surroundings of her grandfather she’s acting like a 17 year old, trying to make Jared jealous..yes that’s what she was doing no matter what she says, by “sleeping” with Chuck. Natalie has resorted to childish behavior before but it really bothered me this time because this was not what I wanted to see of the Texas scenes. When the story actually got around to reading the will things picked up a great deal. Having Nora get the mansion and Chuck the ranch was surprisingly wonderful, as was the fact that everyone was so supportive of one another and what they got from Asa. The most touching moment was Asa wanting to give Matthew the hat when Bo had already given it to him. A few questions about the texas scenes. Where do I know the actor who plays Chuck? Is there any purpose to Nash being there, besides the fact he is Jessica’s husband? Somebody give him some lines! Where in the world is Bree?


My theory last week about Todd/John/Blair/Marty’s Road trip only being good when they weren’t actually on the road held up as the four were forced to stay the night in a motel. I’ve never been a fan of John/Marty, mostly because for the most part I don’t see any chemistry between the two actors, but watching them both painfully recount the details of how their loved ones were killed was done wonderfully and does bring these two characters closer together in the sense that they can relate to each other and their feelings and know what it is like to have lost someone in such a tragic manner. I don’t trust this “friend” that Marty was talking about though. Ramsay and Kaitlyn? Wow…I never saw that one coming.

I felt that the Todd I loved was back in action at the motel, we saw the more gentle side of him as he worried about Starr and Jack and was considering going back home to them. Blair/Todd are another couple that I am not invested in. I was a hardcore Evangeline/Todd fan, but Trevor and Kassie do work very well together and I liked the motel scenes which was funny and sweet at the same time. Let’s hope Todd is back to where he should be character wise


After the fantastic Drag Queen storyline, I was forced to watch the mess in Louisiana. The problem with this story was that the new family never quite clicked for me, and I found it extremely boring to watch. The only two good moments was when Marcie had to hide on the side of the road for fear of being caught by John/Todd and when She found John’s phone and broke down when she saw that Michael was calling. I think Marcie could be heading for a major breakdown really soon and she may be the one to end this chase.


I was very afraid that this Rex/Adrianna misunderstanding about the baby was going to be a long drawn out plot that we have already seen 865155122203694412 times. I was wrong. Thankfully the whole misunderstanding was brought to light in a short time and dealt with and nobody flew off the handle. Whew! Bad storyline avoided. Poor Rex though, seemed like he really wanted to have a kid.


Is anybody but me getting really tired of the graphic…Paris,…….Texas? It was cute for the first few episodes but by now please just put up the whole title already. It’s not cute anymore. Ok, besides that little rant and I am still liking the vicki as waitress and when Charlie came to pick her up for the date it reminded me of Cinderella with all the staff at the diner helping her out. “The buttons” hehe…oh and Moe wanting Charlie’s footwear. Priceless.


Well I knew something bad was going to happen to Cole, but I had no idea Marty was going to get kidnapped too. Very interesting and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. I thought (BB) was excellent in his scenes when he was being cornered by death, I could see all of his emotions through his eyes and I thought he did an amazing job. It’s nice to see the teen set have a storyline these past few months that are actually serious plots (the kidnapping and Langston’s Parents) instead of Brittney just acting like a witch and causing petty problems for everyone.


My favorite moment of the whole week was Todd asking my John always stood with his hands on his hips, which really isn’t a “John” thing , but more of a Michael Easton thing. It totally cracked me up because his hands really are almost always on his hips. It’s clear that the cast has a big laugh of joking about Michael, and Michael has a great sense of humor in real life, which he does try to bring to John, and I am guessing he probably gets a big kick out of it himself. I remember back when Michael played “Caleb” on Port Charles and Brian Gaskill did a spot on imitation of Michael’s voice in one of the scenes they had together. When I’ve gone to the OLTL fan events JPL did his own imitation of Michael’s voice and Melissa Archer joined in by doing the infamous “John” looking at his watch thing. Like I said, Michael has a very good sense of humor so I’m sure he is enjoying all of this.

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Dark Forces descend at the BW ball on GH and all hell breaks loose..
Okay this post was a long time coming...Here's my thoughts the recent events that shoke up Port Charles..

When the sh*t hit the fan and people started getting skewered with sharp objects I for sure that the two people that would have bitten the dust was Nadine(oh come she could pass as Lulu's sister,and they're wearing the exact same dress, with the exact same hairstyle, and Anthony's out to kill Ms. Spencer anyway) and Coop(well I thought Coop would be killed because his lack of screen time lately and because he seemed to be dead when Carly tripped over his unconscious body. Oh well..neither one died, which I'm kinda glad about, because I like both characters, but the shocker will be who WILL die this week. Not saying anything yet, but it's a MAJOR character who's a longtime beloved resident of PC. Anyway, I'm sure everyone knows who I'm talking about anyway, but still...much sadness ahead, as was Alan's death back in February, and Courtney's death the February before that. GOSH, what is it with GH, killing off beloved characters during sweeps?? Shocking yes, but still feels all stunty if you know what I mean.

And FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, the truth came out about Jake's parentage. Oh Jason, I may still hate the hell out of you, but at least you stepped up and admitted that you were Jake's papa to that idiot Lucky. I mean, HOW DENSE ARE YOU? Even Emily, who's barely has anything to do with that storyline, figured out the truth months ago!! I'm sorry, but Lucky's just a plain idiot. Much like his soon-to-be-ex-wife Elizabeth. I can't freakin' stand those two! And no matter how much Sam has turned into one of the most hated residents of Port Charles, she still ROCKS in my book. I will always be on your side, even if she's falling for mr. moron himself, Lucky Spencer.

And Luke and Laura who? I am totally LOVIN' Luke and Tracy. I could care less if Laura ever comes out of her catatonia now. I want to see more Luke and Tracy! Seriously, I think they're the best couple right now on that show. Those scenes, these past few episodes..was just pure love!

As were the tender scenes between Spinelli and Lulu. Even though he had hit her over the head to protect her. I'm still all for Logan and Lulu as a couple, but man, Johnny Zacharra has stolen my heart, and I wouldn't blame Lulu if he stole hers as well!

Speaking of the Zacharras, I seriously thought they were vampires or something. Okay maybe I really didn't think that, but from the way they've been acting since their arrival in town, definitely seemed vampirish, if you ask me. I mean, Johnny thinking he can fly(haha, WTF?), Anthony being hidden away in that big, gothic mansion of his, being all elusive and creepy and secretive. I could definitely see him and Joshua from PC chillin together. And the way Sonny and company have been talking about how the Zaccharas were all indestructable and a force to be reckoned with. Come on, you can't blame a boy for thinking they were actually undead? LOL!

Oh and Nikolas and his mysterious bouts of rages needs to stop like now! Not only is it ridiculous, but it is highly annoying as well. Come on find a cure for that guy already!

And a big fat LOL at Leyla being the splitting image of Anthony's dead wife Maria. Seriously I'm beginning to think that everyone in that town has a doppelganger out there, with the amount of look-a-likes and long lost twins that seem to pop out of the woodwork.

And um, get back to the hospital please, I'm missing my scrubs(the ones that are not Patrick and Robin, haha)

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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
4:24 pm
Pine Valley's all green with jealousy and betrayal...just another day in the life..
So I haven't had a chance to watch yesterday or today's GH episodes yet, but I did catch AMC's. And I gotta say, the show is seriously pissing me off. UGH. I mean, I felt sooooo bad and sorry for poor Greenlee yesterday, when she got arrested and realized she was being played by Kendall all along. That Kendall never intended to forgive her for kidnapping Spike and nearly getting him killed all those months ago. The look on her face just killed me. So sad, that the only two people in Pine Valley that seem to be on her side is Jackson and Aidan. And Zach and Kendall..what is wrong with the both of you?! All these revenge plots of Greenlee, when you should be revelling in that fact that your sons are well, and on the road to recovery, since all that crap when down back in July.

And don't get me started on Hannah Banana. First she sleeps with Josh. Then she reveals she's still in love with Zach. Then she goes and sleeps with Tad. Who do you want woman?! And I thought Erica's love life could be confusing. HA! I'm sure by the end of next year, if she's in PV, Hannah would sleep her way through the entire male population including sweet, saintly Stuart! HA! She's definitely a character I don't really care for.

Another bedhopper seems to be JR. He's sleeping with Amanda, but wants to sleep with Ava instead, but then he goes and sleeps with Babe? WHAT?! Where did that come from. Oh JR..you and Hannah should definitely form your own club or something..or at least compare stories and give each other pointers. It seems you two will be good at that. Heck, why not sleep with each other? Hey if the shoe fits...

One couple I could stand is..Adam and Krystal. They have to be the best thing about AMC right now. Seriously! They may still have their issues to work out..and trust me, they're major..but they seem well on their way to a much needed reconciliation!

And finally, so Richie's really sick...dying even. As in terminal. I really wanna see how they're gonna work around this, because you know that guy isn't leaving the show in a hurry. So the doctor says he has incurable leukemia? No biggie. When has that prevented a soap character from dying before? LOL!

Anyway, off to catch up on some GH..

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Monday, November 5th, 2007
1:10 am
Intro and soap background of another co-mod
Hey fellow soap fans! My name is Kavin, and I'm the co-moderator of this lovely little ABC soap community that Rachel and I run. Like Rachel said, we'll be the only two that'll be allowed to post, but we expect to get plenty of feedback and comments from fellow soap fans in the community. So please, do not hesitate to post your comments on our entries or add a few thoughts of your own.

Anyway, to let you know a bit about myself, and to assure you I know what the heck I'm talking about when it comes to daytime drama, here's a bit of my history with the sudsy genre known as soap operas. I grew up with them. It's in my blood. It is in ingrained in my psyche. The first memory I recall of watching a soap opera, was seeing a young woman on The Young & The Restless crying in front of a mirror. So yes, Y&R was actually the first soap I started watching from a very early age, due to the fact that my grandparents were avid watchers. Another soap we watched together was the now defunct NBC soap, Santa Barbara, followed by years of watching Y&R's sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful and then getting hooked on One Life To Live soon after circa the early to mid-nineties. Truth be told, there was a time when I watched all the networks' soaps. Some may call that me not having much of a life at the time, while others may see it as me being a dedicated and hardcore fan of the genre. But the soaps that stuck with me the most and for the longest period of time, were none other than the soaps on the ABC line-up, which consisted of All My Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital, and the late, great Port Charles, which I still consider to this day, four years after it's cancellation, to be the BEST and most innovative soap opera of all time. It put a fresh spin on the traditional american soap, that was not seen before on daytime, with it's smart, fast-paced storytelling, it's deep, complex characters, and otherwordly supernatural storylines, which did not deflect on the real human emotions that was seen through it's cast of unique characters. After being painfully and utterly heartbroken by it's abrupt cancellation in 2003, I was tempted to give up watching the remaining soaps on the ABC lineup out of anger at the network for cancelling it, but I just couldn't stay away. What can I say? The soaps are my obsession;).

Anyway, I look forward to co-running this community with Rachel and actively ranting and raving about all things ABC soap related! And I look even more forward to reading all the replies to our posts! So please, reply away, and don't be shy with your thoughts!
Sunday, November 4th, 2007
8:59 pm
TRICKS AND TREATS (OLTL10-29 to 11-2 2007)
As my second favorite holiday Halloween descended on Llanview this week we were subjected to just what Halloween is about….tricks and treats…..and tricks are never pleasant are they??


Skeleton Man-Who is that masked man who was stalking Marty and the teens? I’m guessing that whoever is up to no good has something to do with Marty and Cole. Who that could be? I have no idea, but I am interested in seeing this play out.

Real life is scarier than any movie- Remember when Starr dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein? Oh, I kind of miss those days. I guess Starr making fun of the horror movie they were watching is the best we are going to get these days. I really did love the Halloween scene with Starr seeing the skeleton man. I like anything that has a mystery to it, or that is slightly spooky, so it was all in good fun. The show seemed to be poking fun at itself during this scene which I quite enjoyed. Starr was telling Cole that the movie they were watching had no good parts because the characters in the movie do stupid things, and Cole pointed out that if the characters didn’t do those things there wouldn’t be a movie. Good comeback Cole, maybe he should try out for the debate team. Anyway this conversation is exactly what happened in the rest of the scene,.Starr went against her better judgment, going outside looking for skeleton man. Stupid? Yes. Would there have been any more of that scene if the teens had did the sensible thing…like I don’t know, maybe call Blair or Dorian?? And have them talk to the police? No. I understand Markko’s view that calling the police might not be such a good idea if the police didn’t find anything, and it wouldn’t be good for Langston, but calling someone they trust for help when they are scared is a lot better than trying to find crazy stalker guy on your own. At least the four of them didn’t go wandering off all in different directions by themselves, still dumb, but again, where would have that scene really gone if they hadn’t acted foolish? Kudos to Markko who was smart enough to not even trust the power guy. How did Cole not see the skeleton man? That was bad editing/blocking on the show’s part because when Starr screamed he was right behind her staring in the same direction she was, cut to next scene and he’s all the way on the other side of the room. I understand that Starr was the only person who was supposed to see the masked man, and because of that fact Cole should have been somewhere else in the room when she screamed. I didn’t watch OLTL when the funhouse story happened but I remember hearing a little bit about it so I loved Starr’s whole rant “Are we going to wait until the funhouse burns down or are we going to do something about this?”

Thank goodness Dorian ended up going ahead with the paperwork to be Langston’s Foster mother. It just made more sense than having it be Blair. Yeah, and I’m sure Todd would have just been thrilled about the whole situation. OLTL has a really good teen set on their hands with great actors and great characters who are all individuals. I am so happy Langston and Brittany Underwood is finally getting the storyline she deserves.

Marcie…I mean Penny… and the Drag Queens. Ever since Marcie left town with Tommy, I’ve been more bored with this story than I should be. I guess it took some drag queens to spice things up. I’ve been to drag queen shows before and they are very fun, perhaps that is why I was having so much fun with this section of Penny and Aaron’s wild adventure. Seeing Marcie with the costume and wig on and trying to do the routine but not really know what was going on was genius. It was almost in a way like watching an episode of I love Lucy. The motions she was making with her hands trying to cover her face had me laughing so hard. I know we were supposed to be worried for Marcie, but I was having too much fun. Add to that scene John, Todd and the FBI guys being there…it was a goldmine. How fun was Todd singing the “One night Only” song?? The best part was John starting the big brawl while “Cher” sang once again “It’s in his kiss” Perfect.

Jared and Rene--I find myself constantly looking forward to scenes between Rene/Jared. I am glued to my television when these two characters are on screen together. I think Jared is taking advantage of Rene but I also sense admiration there, the same way he admired Asa.


At first I was upset when OLTL cast Jack again since I thought the previous actor was doing a pretty good job, but I love the new Jack. Ok, yes he’s younger, but I really find something special in the new actor. He’s great with interacting with the other actors and he seems to be holding scenes with lots of dialogue really well. And don’t worry Jack, Blair ditched Langston too.

The Devil and the Witch

How fun was it watching Natalie seeing Jared as the devil and Jared seeing Natalie as a witch? A nice way of paying tribute to Halloween, while still staying with a current storyline.

Put me in Rehab, Please!

The week definitely ended on a high for me as David once again surfaced. David Vickers is without a doubt my favorite character on the show. Oh how Tuc Watkins manages to bring a smile anytime he’s on screen. All I can say is that I know what rehab place I would be going to if I had an addiction problem. “They try to make me go to rehab….I say YES YES YES”


Adrianna/Rex-Oh man. As soon as this “baby” thing started up, I figured out right away that she wasn’t pregnant and that this had something to do with her underwear line. Way too predictable, as was Rex snooping and not trusting Adriana. Will this guy ever learn? Ok so he is a PI, and he was right about Tate last time….but it’s like they are doing the same story with these two over and over again and it’s getting boring. Oh and “Hot Mamma?” Sorry, but I wouldn’t buy anything, not even socks if the line was called “Hot mamma”

Worst Road Trip Ever

Well with two actors who I think are the best male actors on the show, and two characters that I am interested in (Really only Todd since the execution storyline) I’m really disappointed at the way their road trip to get Marcie and Tommy is turning out, and I specifically am talking about the parts when they are on the road and stuck in the car. With the exception of Todd trying to annoy John on occasion I really just want the car scenes to be over as soon as possible because my mind is already drifting. Things seem to get better when they get out of the car, like when they stopped at FACES, and when they stopped at the station and Todd pretended to be FBI agent “Youngblood” Then they get back in the car again and I’m praying “Find Marcie already!” Then Marty and Blair two characters that I don’t really enjoy at all get into the mix and they get into the car and then it’s just nonstop fighting! Enough already!


Diner Days

Vicki is normally a character that I would FF through. Sometimes I do watch the character, like during Jess/Tess and the split personality storyline and when Vicki got the heart transplant, but other than that I usually skip right over the character. I have to my surprise watched every scene since we discovered she was in Paris Texas. It’s great that in just a short time a lot of characters have already been established, and they are all in my opinion very likeable. Gigi reminds me of Natalie in that she doesn’t really take any bull from anyone, and even though I don’t know the character of Clint that well (again another character I usually skip over most of the time) Charlie is reminding me of what I have seen of Clint. I want to see what Vicki’s life is like in Paris outside the diner though, and how are these characters going to cross over back into PA???

The Odd Couple

Miles and Roxy-I adore Miles and I adore Roxy, but I’m not sure how I feel right now if the show sets the two up to be a couple. Roxy was good with Nigel, and I always light up when Roxy has scenes with David…but Miles? I don’t know. Maybe Miles will get back a little bit of his edge the longer he hangs around with Roxy and that could be good. When Miles first came on OLTL he reminded me of Rafe from Port Charles in the sense that he was very new to the world and I liked that about him, but I also liked the side of him that was a little darker. In my opinion he was never evil, he was a good guy who just got messed up. His character wasn’t black or white, but grey, kind of like Roxy. I miss that about Miles now, so who knows, maybe I will end up enjoying them as a couple if that’s they way the plot goes.

Random Notes

I always love it when “real” moments happen on soaps. Moments when you can tell an actor has caught another actor off guard, when somebody is truly laughing, and so on. Two “Real” moments happened this week. Starr throwing the candy at Markko and hitting him in the face and Jason Tam reacting to it. The other moment was when Jamie was trick or treating and she was walking around in her big clown shoes and sort of tripped but kept going with the scene. What a seasoned little pro!

Line of the Week-

Dorian to Langston-This group home that they forced you to live in…was it filled with demented hairstylists that forced you to put those streaks in your beautiful hair?

I always liked Langston’s streaks….but now what she has going on with her hair lately.
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Welcome and an introduction by one of the moderators

My name is Rachel and my friend and I started this community as a place to rant and rave about the ABC soaps we watch. We will be the only two who will be allowed to post entries, but members can reply to any of our posts, and I know I will try and respond to what I can.

Now a little bit about myself and my soap opera history. I'm 24 years old and the first soap opera I ever got addicted to was Dark Shadows. My aunt lived upstairs from me and she had all the episodes and I would sit there glued to the tv watching the show. I didn't even know it was a soap opera at the time because it didn't seem like any of the current soap operas that I knew were on the air at the time. I had ill feelings towards soaps most of my life. I just thought that they were filled with bad actors and contrived plots. I didn't watch another soap opera until I discovered Port Charles in 2001 in the middle of the "Tainted Love" Arc. I fell in love with the show and how different it was. Top notch acting and great storylines. I was obsessed....still am. When it was canned my heart was broken, and I decided to follow some of the PC actors to the new soaps they would be starting on. I tried watching Bold and Beautiful for Brian Gaskill, but found the show boring, Stuck with Kelly Monaco on General Hospital for a while, even though my attention was mostly on Dillon and Georgie and the teens for the most part was only what I watched on the show. I stopped watching GH a little while before Scott Clifton left the show, I didn't like how everything was becoming the Lulu hour and seeing Dillon and the other "two stooges" as Luke called them chase after her...I couldn't take it.

The only show I stayed watching was One Life to Live, which I started watching in Oct 2003 when Michael Easton (John Mcbain) joined the cast. I admit, up until now I have rarely watched a full episode of the show. I watch my favorites and FF through the rest...though I always know pretty well what's kind of going on.

Starting on Monday I will be watching full episodes from now on so that I can comment on everything.

I've been to the OLTL fan event twice 2005-2006 and had a blast and hope to go again soon.

Blogging is always fun, but it will be even more fun if you all get up and reply to our posts.


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